--------------------------CIA ARCHIVES------------------------

This is NOT top secret stuff :) For a long while, I have been traveling around this ever-changing circuit that sort of twists and bends all across Canada, occasionally dips into the states without telling anybody and then shoots across the Atlantic ocean where I’m lucky to have found friends in Belgium, Italy, Germany, Iceland, Greece, Switzerland and France. There have been some other dots on the map but for the most part, my life has been this crazy spiral between, around, over, under and through those places for the past 10 years. All this was done first with my friend Dave under the name of Benito Band and then with Daniel AKA General Bazaar and the Cardinal Points of Conspiracy and then eventually as a solo trouba-dude with a loopstation, sometimes with a backup band, and then with just a guitar and for about 5 years in there somewhere, with Erik Schoepen, who everybody agrees is an incredible guy and very talented musician. It’s been a wild trip and for some reason, I did it under the name of Cougars in America. On that website, there are lots of recordings and road adventure stories and eventually chronicles from my trip to Greece to volunteer with the groups that are trying to help refugees fleeing terrible places. 

C.I.A. Archives