The musical part of Animals in Motion is played out by troubadour-turned-live-looper, Scott Hamilton. Scott has been touring across Canada and Europe for the past 10 years, is celebrated a song-writer in some places he has been and remains obscure in many others. He has performed hundreds of concerts in just about every situation imaginable and shared the stage with such world music icons as Babylon Circus and Taraf de Haidouks. He has driven enough miles on tour to go to the moon and most of the way back.

Here is Scott’s most recent album, recorded during the heatwave in Brussels this summer: CANICULE!

You can also enjoy these releases from some of Scott’s past ramblings…


This album was inspired by the travelers Scott met on Lesvos. All songs were written on the way to and from that trip, with the exception of “Between” which was written by his old pal, RJ McDonald. Scott was convinced for two years that this album doesn’t exist…. but then, there it is! Thanks to Raffaele Pinelli for making arrangements with Pasquale Minieri and Rocco Siliotto to record over three days at Studio Elettra in Calvi Nell’ Umbria. Thanks to Erik Schoepen for playing Mandolin, lapsteel and resonator. This is the last recording of Scott and Erik and the unofficial last waltz of Cougars in America. The band was crushed under the great weight of the supposed urgency of this album… So listen with caution!


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This EP was originally released to 34 friends in March 2016 as part of a crowdfunding campaign to get to Greece in order to join the volunteer groups assisting wayward migrants on the island of Lesbos. With the exception of Palios Love Song, it was written on the road in Canada, recorded in Matraia just outside of Lucca in Tuscany, mixed at Coqo Djette’s studio in Firenze, re-mixed on the boat between Ancona and Patras, and eventually mastered in the back seat of a Daihatsu Terios in Kleio on the island of Lesvos. Palios Love Song was written on Palios beach on Lesvos on the eve of Pope Francisco’s visit to the island. It was recorded. mixed and mastered in what is now the Lesvos Legal Center in the Mosaik building in downtown Mytillini. Erik Schoepen recorded his mandolin and Dobro parts in his studio in Boom, Belgium, and the recordings were eventually re-mixed in Reykjavik and remastered in a 1976 GMC Aquarius on an apple orchard just outside of Keremeos in British Columbia.


This album was written on and inspired by the open road on a journey that took place between February 2012 and January 2014 when it was originally released as a series of home-made postcards with download codes on the back. In this time, Scott crossed Canada 7 times and eventually took a detour down through Nashville before arriving in Dyers Bay, Ontario, where several patrons of the arts (knowingly and otherwise) lent him their cabins and a brief moment of respite to record. After 6 years abroad, this trip was a way of reckoning with the idea of coming “home” to a place he didn’t really know. For two years, he made countless new friends and was joined by the very best of old ones who gave him the strength and encouragement to keep going in spite of obvious hurdles like broken cars and a general lack of funds. It was awesome.


This is Scott’s first solo album. Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2 weeks in North Gower, Ontario, WILD LIFE SKETCHES was originally released as a small zine with hand-written lyrics, drawings by his sister from their trip (and a half) to Morocco, and a CD glued to the back page. He made 7 copies, drove to the next town, walked into a cafe, traded a song for a piece of cheesecake and in the process of performing it, managed to sell all of them for enough cash to produce 7 more and fill his gas tank. He kept moving like this for 2 years, eventually selling over 4000 copies in towns and cities across the country.