Fanny Badaf began her drawing practice by designing mental maps of her native city, Geneva. She soon decided that drawing the maps live in front of an audience was the most efficient way to represent a pathway in space and time. In parallel, she developed a personal data-base of signs and symbols, used at first in her journal where she writes every day – just because writing down her journey allows her to forget everything without losing it until she loses her book. She painted on walls in South America (Uruguay, Argentina), benefiting the knowledge of high calibre in the graffiti of her mentors like Grito (Buenos Aires) and Juan Conde (Montevideo). She also took part as a guest of the MUTA (Meeting Ibero-American of Urban Art) in 2013. She explored another scale by learning miniature painting in India with Sanju, a master of this technique who makes his own ultra-fine brushes horse hair. She now enjoys being the painter of the band Animals in Motion. She traces the shapes and figures of her minds eye throughout the show and produces one painting every song. Her art is uninhibited, spontaneous and detailed. She imagines worlds with a lot of urbanization, nature and UFOS. And of course hungry imaginary creatures appear everywhere! 

Below, you can see some paintings from our shows, or click here to see Fanny’s blog with more drawings, miniatures and murals.

At Nancy O’s, 2017
At The Royal, 2017
At The Green Door, 2017
At The Refined Fool, 2018
“The Theatre Song”
At The Legion, Arts Wells 2018